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BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Magnetic Paddle Shifters by Zunn Performance

BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Magnetic Paddle Shifters by Zunn Performance

Zunn Performance

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Please make careful note of your fitment. Paddle shifter fitment was a bit tricky with this generation of BMWs. Only E9x M3 wheels and X5M/X6M wheels are compatible with these shifters. These have a "normal" paddle design.

If your wheel has SSG paddles, which allow both up and downshifts on both sides of the wheel, please see our separate listing for non-M E-chassis shifters.

In stock and ready to ship. Units ship out of Southern California via express shipping- it'll be at your door in no time!

If you've tried proper sim racing wheels, you already know what this is about. If you haven't, I promise you won't want to go back once you get your hands on these. Part of the fun in driving an automatic BMW is the experience of hitting upshifts, banging through the gears (as you approach a very lawful 65 miles per hour). Sure, the factory shift paddles work okay and certainly get the job done, and maybe some stick-on paddle extensions add a nice touch visually, but nothing changes the shift experience like this.

These paddle shifters rework the entire mechanism, and most importantly, add a magnet to provide unparalleled crisp, satisfying shifts with every pull. The custom, extended-size paddles are made of real carbon fiber, lending a touch of sportiness and premium feel to every shift on your daily drive, while the base is sturdily machined from aluminum so durability will never be in question. For those who prefer a more reserved appearance, this kit includes two sets of shift paddles, one shorter and also made of the same carbon fiber.

Installation is straightforward, and all parts bolt right back up to your stock wheel-- no error lights or compatibility issues at all! As one of the touch points in the car that you encounter on every drive, this modification truly delivers bang for your buck and is sure to transform your driving experience.

These paddle units are compatible with E9x M3 wheels (E90, E91, and E92) and the X5M and X6M, please see our separate listing for non-M E-chassis shifters. Detailed pictures are provided to help verify proper fitment.

Purchase includes: Magnetic paddle shifter bases (left and right), 2 sets of carbon fiber shift paddles (one standard size, one extended), screws, and 2.0 mm hex wrench for installation

Materials: Machined aluminum base, carbon fiber paddles

Don't take our word on magnetic paddles- check them out in action! (Video credit and views belong to third party creator.)


BMW E90 E91 and E92 M3 models, as well as 335is models only (equipped with the DCT)

Your shift paddles should look like this:

'These magnetic paddle shifters do NOT replace SSG shifters.

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