• Racecar in the making.

    In case you were wondering, yes that's a cutout in the dash for the future home of an AiM MXL. The CHF Engineering 'Teardrop' looks right at home. Follow along this build as this car aspires to get to GTA!

    Instagram: @rye_dc2 
  • Real racecar sh*t.

    @istubzz is rocking the CHF Engineered 'Teardrop' shift knob in his racecar, a perfect complement to all the other custom race-grade hardware he's sporting. Make no mistake-- this thing is all show and all go.

    Instagram @istubzz 
  • Former racecar sh*t.

    Rest in peace to this build, and may it be forever revered for its impeccable paint quality. At least it looked nice with the CHF Engineering 'Teardrop' installed. It fits so perfectly, as if he designed it himself...

    Instagram: @trash_car 
  • Clicky shifts everyday.

    Magnetic paddle shifters make shifts more fun while adding a touch of flair. Extended size paddles make every shift easy to grab and easy on the eyes.

    Magnetic Paddle Shifter Sale 
  • No lies here.

    @foodstamp.m3 fully admitting it's not an M3...your disappointment is no longer my fault.

    NOT AN M3 Sticker 
  • A touch of fun, everyday.

    This A90 Supra is looking nice with a Hyperstrike Elite carbon wheel, featuring high quality alcantara and carbon fiber.

    What is Hyperstrike Elite? 
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