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"Motor #2" 40oz Insulated Bottle by Zunn Performance

"Motor #2" 40oz Insulated Bottle by Zunn Performance

Zunn Performance

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In stock and ready to ship from the USA! A Zunn Performance exclusive product!


Drink up.

Accidents happen...whether it's pushing it full tilt on the track, a spirited on-ramp pull before the engine warmed up, or a steady cruise at 80 mph, sometimes we blow a motor...or two. Since we all know it was definitely because you used the wrong brand of oil, have a laugh about it over a drink (of a beverage of your choosing) with the Zunn Performance 40oz Insulated Bottle.


No leaks here.

These bottles are formed from BPA-free, food-safe 304 grade stainless steel with our custom "Motor #2" design UV printed for a durable, smooth, and long-lasting finish. Lids are formed from polypropylene and are also BPA-free. The double wall vacuum keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.


Choose your own adventure.

"Chuggy": A durable spout with screw on cap, and a rigid plastic hinged handle.

"Sippy": Plastic rotating straw with a rigid handle.

"Liddy": Durable screw on lid with a flexible rubber handle.

"Chuggy + Sippy": The best of all worlds. Spout with screw on cap, plastic rotating straw, and flexible rubber handle.

Like the bottle, all lid options are formed from BPA-free, food-safe plastics, and include silicone seals to stop all leaks.


Don't grind your gears.

Water is to humans as transmission oil is to our gearboxes- keep your internal drive running smoothly with the help of the Zunn Performance "Motor #2" bottle.


Product Features


Materials and Construction

304 stainless steel with double-wall vacuum technology

BPA Free

Yes, BPA-free

Opening Size

Wide mouth style opening for easy drinking and cleaning

Insulating Capacity

Cold: 24 hours; Hot: 12 hours

Volume Capacity

40 oz


3.5" x 10"

Shipping Location

Ships from Southern California


*Mobil 1 is a registered trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. We are not affiliated with Exxon Mobil or any of their subsidiaries in any capacity. This original work represents fair use as parody under the Copyright Act.


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