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Motor #2 Sticker- 3" Glossy Vinyl Sticker

Motor #2 Sticker- 3" Glossy Vinyl Sticker

Zunn Performance

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So you've blown your motor. What is it this time, forgetting to put oil in a fresh build or moneyshifting? Regardless, you've since gone through all the hard work of swapping your motor. (Hopefully it makes more power than the old one.) Show off your hard work with this Motor #2 sticker and let the world know that she ain't stock under the hood. It'll be a perfect addition next to other branded merchandise like our Motor #2 water bottles (coming soon!).

If you enjoy this product, please let us know! Reach out on social media and/or through the Contact Us page for any suggestions-- we are exploring larger sticker sizes and additional merchandise (embroidered hats, shirts, etc) and would love to hear your thoughts!

Material: Gloss vinyl

Dimensions: approximately 2.3" x 3"

Designed and printed in the USA.

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