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Hyperstrike OEM+ Leather Airbag Cover for Toyota Supra Mk5 (2020-Present)

Hyperstrike OEM+ Leather Airbag Cover for Toyota Supra Mk5 (2020-Present)


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Upgrade your interior today.

The Mk5 Supra is one of the most exotic looking cars at its price point, but the interior has always been a little plain. Step up your game with the Hyperstrike OEM+ Leather Airbag Cover.

Crafted for you.

Wrapped in high quality, genuine black leather, this airbag cover replaces the hard leather-looking plastic airbag cover. White stitching serves as an accent against the black leather, and this is all topped off with a black Toyota emblem, a subtle sign that this ride is uniquely yours.

Ships fast and free.

When indicated as in stock, this is ready to ship from the USA and will be at your door in no time!

When not in stock, typical turnaround is approximately 4 weeks for this to be custom made.


DIY installation is possible and includes disassembly of the factory steering wheel airbag, unpacking of the airbag, and repacking in this airbag cover. There are many guides available online for how to do this, including ones specific to the Toyota Supra. However, for customers not comfortable with DIY-ing this one, professional installation is recommended.


Compatible with all 2020+ Toyota Supra (Mk5), auto and manual, with stock factory wheel.

Customization Available

Interested in a custom airbag cover? Reach out to us directly using the Contact Us page, on social media, or email ( to get yourself set up. There is no fee for customization, and many options allow choices free of charge-- pay only for the options you'd want!

Looking to stand out? Pair your new airbag cover with:

A new carbon fiber wheel from Hyperstrike

Magnetic paddle shifters for a satisfyingly clicky shift by Zunn Performance

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