What's the deal with E36 door handles?

What's the deal with E36 door handles?

If you've been around the block in the E36 community, you'll likely have noticed the frequency of broken door handles you've seen. Too often do you see snapped plastic arms or even empty door openings where the handle mechanism used to sit. Why not just replace it, you might ask? There's a couple things behind that...

1. Difficulty of the job. 

Check out that video. It's not an easy job. The door mechanism is often blocked by the glass, which simultaneously can't go up far enough, nor far down enough, to clear the mechanism. This adds another tedious step to overcome. However, this isn't the only reason.

2. Door handle prices.

Seriously, what gives? Since BMW discontinued their OE production of new handles with lock cylinder and keys a couple years ago, prices have only risen on the used market, perhaps perceiving these handles as now being a "rare" commodity. I don't know about you, but I feel wronged paying over $200 for a take off handle that's likely at least 20 years old itself. If your 30 year old handle snapped off, what's to say the 25 year old replacement you bought won't do the same?

Fortunately, Zunn Performance will be carrying new production door handle mechanisms for the E36. And priced in line with the original BMW production handles, we believe we have the best value handle on the market. Restore that E36 to all of its glory with a brand new door handle...without paying much more than the cost of a used one!

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